Monday, February 9, 2009


This is a love story.

Quilt 65x80

This piece is a very personal exploration of intimacy and the body. I am taking a very traditional object (a quilt) and incorporating some very personal items that are related closely to the body of someone I am close to. I guess the reason I made this a quilt is to relate the comfort I feel around this person to an object created for comfort. It also has to do with the nature of romantic relationships in that sometimes it is uncomfortable or feels un-powerful to admit how much power someone(a man) might have over you (or me) and I feel creating such a historically female piece about this phenomenon allows one to take a little power back. I am also very drawn to the relationship of the body to the things that bodies interact with or within and the relationship between those things. For me blankets have become a type of architecture, and beds are a very intimate type of architecture, in concept and in practice. Quilt (I need a better name for this) 65x80

TALK: Recently I have been interested in processes that are historically feminine. I recently made this quilt, an item of comfort directly related to the bed out of the clothing of an individual with whom I relate these feelings to personally, I don't know if Ive been away from this piece long enough to decipher anything else from this piece in the large context of my work.

TALK:I am definitely moving a direction of female processes, specifically quilts. When i was an ENV major I became very aware of what a historically male and male directed process I was working in. Perhaps because of this my last semester as an ENV major I based all of my architecture around the concept of the quilt, Since then I have one research on the history of quilts and and how they have captured women's ideas and stories for many years and in many cultures. This is a concept I want to continue to work with, even if it doesn't take any traditional form.

I am using a female process to describe the power struggle between men and women in romantic relationships.