Friday, August 29, 2008

Sketchbook. Colored pencil and graphite.

Hair, rubber cement, driveway, 14x19

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cradle Chair

Steel, hardware cloth, yarn


I wanted to carry
The palest blue gleam,
An unclean bloodstream,
A sad mother Mary

Friday, August 22, 2008

I am getting my watercolor on recently.

Collage and acrylic, 8x11

Swampy series inspired by Louisiana

Lady Tree, colored pencil, 9x12

Gouache(sp?), glitter

Watercolor study for portrait
So Much Love Collage

Dont inquire about this one.


Girl Collage


Body Tree
Colored pencil on Bristol

for eating disorder/healthy body image campaign at ArtScape

Transparent collage and it's photocopy

Tracing paper and staples

Axonometrics, ink and colored pencil on vellum
Meat Felt, Sheep, string, burlap 12x14


Wacky and fun plan of abstract quilt structure, Ink on Vellum, 24x36
Human Detail, graphite on paper 18x24
Female nude, charcoal on paper 18x24
Weaving, string, yarn, hair.
Pattern I made the first time Autocad had it's way with me, Digital
Still life (collage), paper and glue on paper, 12x18

Flying V repeat pattern, silkscreen on cotton fabric, 48x72

Plans (Space/Object 1 Final), Ink on Vellum, 24x36
Perspective (Space/Object 1 Final), Colored pencil on vellum, 24x36

Axonometric Space/Object 1 Final, Ink on Vellum, 24x36
Hammer and Child, Oil on Canvas, 24x36

Abstract (Raisins), Oil on Canvasboard, 24x36
Wood, mylar, paper
1"=1', 12"x6"

Gesso, charcoal, colored pencil on paper, 36x60

A Torso

This is one of my latex torsos from freshman year. This one has eggshells embedded in it. Female fertility really interests me, and I think that is why I find eggs of all kinds and eggshells appealing. The fragility of female sexuality and person. Egg Latex, eggshell and thread. torso-sized.

TALK: I work with themes of dependency and finding comfort in objects, substances and other bodies, specifically the female presence and body. I tend to explore how this phenomenon leads to both he idolization and the disdain of all things female.This is an early piece from freshmen year depicting the female torso, a source of comfort and dependency from all of our earliest days on this planet.

Column Drawing, 18x24, Graphite on paper